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Chi Energy

Android Smart Phone/Tablet Chi Energy App

Based on the latest research in Quantum Physics and using the principles of Quantum Entanglement and ancient Energy healing traditions this revolutionary Chi Energy software lets the user send revitalizing Chi energy to any living thing. This can be a Person, Pet or a Plant.
The software is very simple and easy to use. Just follow the simple in app instructions.


Note, This software is for personal experimental purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The following Energy modules are currently available to run in the App

1) General Energy :- Sends general revitalizing Chi energy. [ Free ]

2) Chi Boost:- Provides Chi Energy boost or Pick-me-up if you are feeling down or tired. [ $1.99 ]

3) Chakra Balance :- Balances the Chakras for optimum emotional and physical well being. [ $1.99]

4) Memory Chi :- Boosts memory storage and recall capability. Useful during exams. [ $1.99]

5) Room Cleansing :- Clears stangant or negative energy from a room or area. [$1.99]

6) Male Chi:- Balances and enhances Male Chi Energy. [$1.99]

7) Female Chi:- Balances and enhances Female Chi Energy. [$1.99]

8) Image Charger:- Charges an image, object or crystal [$2.99]

9) Aura Cleansing :- Clears stangant or negative energy from a persons Aura/energy system. [$1.99]

*Warning* For users who are energy sensitive, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by energy or spacey when first running the App. If this happens just bear with it as you will eventually acclimatize.

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