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Tips and Information

Example Trend for Lucid Dreaming

Download this composite Power Boost image "Magnedao_luciddream.jpg" and use in the Power image boost field of the EasyRAD Software.

Download this Lucid dream image  "luciddream_target.jpg".

Find a recent photo of yourself and and superimpose the lucid dream image over your forehead. Use this composite image in the target field of the EasyRAD software. (Set the white background in the lucid dream image to be transparent so that only the sigil and symbols are superimposed over your image. The freeware Gimp image editing software is good for this)

Write your trend in the trend box of the form,

" Lucid Dreams and I are One. I am having amazing Lucid Dreams."

Start this trend before you are about to go to bed. ideally you want the PC to be next to you or at least in the same room while the trend is running.

Now try and visualize yourself having lucid dreams. Start the Trend, visualize again.

Before nodding off to sleep repeat in your head the trend wording. Keep the trend running all night.

A Possible side effect of this trend may be an increase in Brain Power/Cognitive functioning.


In my experience, one of the best ways to induce a Lucid Dream is wake up at around 4.00AM in the morning. Get up, walk about or do something for around 20 minutes. Get back into bed but don't lay down. Instead sit up against the bed headboard and make yourself comfortable with pillows. Do some deep breathing though your nose for about 5 minutes. Now try and drift off to sleep. Hopefully you will have some lucid dreams. Make sure the trend is still running in the EasyRAD Software.

Best of LUCK......


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