Healing Modes

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Tips and Information

Example Trend to enhance Psychic Powers

Download this composite Power Boost image "DaoistMagnedao.jpg" and use in the Power image boost field of the EasyRAD Software. (Thanks to Arman and chipervadesall from the Xtrememind Forums for supplying these images)

Download this psychic expansion Sigil  "PsychicPowers.jpg".

Find a recent photo of yourself and and superimpose the psychic expansion sigil over your forehead. Use this composite image in the target field of the EasyRAD software.

Write your trend in the trend box of the form,

" My Wisdom, Perception and Psychic Powers are Now being Strengthened and Greatly Enhanced."

Now try and visualize yourself having psychic powers, greater perception, intuition etc. Think of something you would like to have or enhance.

Now start the trend. Visualize the above again several times. Try and stay in front of the computer for as long as you can while the trend is running. Hopefully you should feel something happening like throbbing on the forehead.



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