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Mobile Healer


*NOTE* This App has been removed from the play store. Google does not allow any apps that have medical related content. The new Chi Energy App provides some of the similar non medical related functionality. If you ever un-install this App from you device you cannot re-intall and you will lose your in app purchases. Sorry about this, but I have no control over this situation.

Android Smart Phone/Tablet Mobile Healing App

Based on the latest research in Quantum Physics and using the principles of Quantum Entanglement and ancient Energy healing traditions this revolutionary Mobile Healer software lets the user send healing and revitalizing energy to any living thing. This can be a Person, Pet or a Plant.
The software is very simple and easy to use. Just follow the simple in app instructions.


FDA Disclaimer:- The statements made above have not been evaluated by the FDA. This software is for personal experimental purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The following Healings are currently available to run in the App

1) General Healing :- Sends general Healing and revitalizing energy. [ Free ]

2) Migraine Relief :- Relieves Pain and tension associated with a Migraine/Headache. [ $0.99 ]

3) Weight Loss :- Helps you to loose weight at a safe healthy rate. Must be run every day for a Month while in bed, just before falling asleep. [ $0.99 ]

4) Back Pain Relief :- Helps with back pain and strain. [ $0.99 ]

5) Joint Pain Relief :- Helps with joint pain and strain. [ $0.99 ]

6) Plant Growth:- Helps a plant to grow strong, healthy and bloom. [ $0.99 ]

7) Plant Protection:- Protects plant form pests, parasites and blight etc.. [ $0.99 ]

8) Pet Health :- Gives the pet strength, vitality and health. [ $0.99 ]

9) Pet Protection:- Protects the pet/animal form pests, flees, ticks and viruses etc.. [ $0.99 ]

10) Muscle Ache:- Relaxes the Muscles and relieves their aches and pains. [ $0.99 ]

11) Insomnia Relief:- Helps you to go to sleep if suffering from Insomnia or sleep problems. Run before bed time or while in bed. [ $0.99 ]

12) Energy Boost:- Provides an Energy boost or Pick-me-up if you are feeling down or tired. [ $0.99 ]

13) Depression Relief:- Provides relief from the symptoms of depression. [ $0.99]

14) Stress Relief :- Provides relief from the symptoms of Stress. [ $0.99]

15) Congestion Relief :- Provides relief from the symptoms of Congestion. [ $0.99]

16) Allergy Relief :- Provides relief from the symptoms of an allergic reaction to any substance. [ $0.99]

17) Pest Control :- Keeps pests at bay from any area that you whish to protect. [ $0.99]

18) Increase Confidence :- Provides a confidence boost in difficult situations. [$0.99]

19) Testosterone Boost :- Provides boost in testosterone levels for physical activity. [ $1.99]

20) Chakra Balance :- Balances the Chakras for optimum emotional and physical well being. [ $1.99]

21) Memory Booster :- Boosts memory storage and recall capability. Useful during exams. [ $1.99]

22) Inflammation Control :- Helps reduce inflammation in the body. [ $0.99]

23) Epilepsy Control :- Can help manage or reduce occurrence of epileptic episodes. [ $0.99]

24) Bloating Relief :- Reduces bloating and provides relief from it's symptoms. [ $0.99]

25) EMF Protection:- Provides protection against the harmful effects of EMF. [$0.99]

26) Blood Pressure Control:- Can help to control and normalize blood pressure level. [$0.99]

27) Heart Arrhythmia:- Can help to normalize irregular Heart beat and control symptoms. [$0.99]

28) Anxiety Relief:- Can help to control Anxiety/Panic Attacks and its symptoms. [$0.99]

29) Diabetes Control:- Can help to control diabetes and its symptoms. [$0.99]

*Warning* For users who are energy sensitive, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by energy or spacey when first running the App. If this happens just bear with it as you will eventually acclimatize.

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